Why Blogging?

Why Blogging?

A blog or ‘web log’ is an online newsletter or journal that can be shared on the internet.

Blogging is a virtual way by which we can share our news, learning, work and creative pursuits.

Blogging promotes learning skills such as:

  • collaboration
  • communication
  • media literacy
  • information literacy
  • commenting
  • reflection
  • presentation
  • networking
  • digital citizenship

Blogging also strengthens the connection between home, school and the world.

In 4A we each have an iPad. This 1:1 technology allows us to  integrate technology into our learning every day. We use our iPads in Maths, Literacy, Inquiry and even in Art.

Commenting Guidelines

We love to read your comments and write back to you too. We use the following guidelines to make sure our comments are interesting, informative and make sense.

  • Start with a greeting (eg Dear ……/To……/Hello …….)
  • Be relevant – make sure your comment relates to the post
  • Give new information or ask a question in your comment
  • sign off politely (eg from …/regards …../your’s sincerely…..)
  • lastly, remember to check your grammar, spelling and punctuation

In your comment, you can also leave a link back to your blog so we can visit you too.

How to write a quality comment

Image reproduced with permission from the author, Kathleen Morris.

2 thoughts on “Why Blogging?

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    It’s Adam and on the 12th of September was Roald Dahl’s birthday, speaking of Roald Dahl my favourite book by him is Vharlie and the chocolate factory and the BFG.
    My favourite character in Charlie and the chocolate factory is the ompa loompas and in the BFG it is flesh lumper. On the Roald Dahl web page I did the quiz and I turned out as the witch and I was shocked, so if you want to look at my blog here is a link to it. aitfkwea.global2.vic.edu.au

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