Blogging Challenge Week 2

Last week’s blogging activity was all about posting comments. We learnt about commenting when we first set up our blogs. We always try to write quality comments that adhere to our guidelines that you can find on our Why Blogging?  page.

A few years ago I attending a special blogging day for teachers. I met a wonderful teacher by the name of Miss Jordan. Miss Jordan’s blog is full of great posts where her students also write great comments. Miss Jordan gave me permission to use her poster about how to write a great comment.

Over the coming weeks, we will be trying to visit lots of blogs that are also a part of the Blogging Challenge and leave some great comments for them.

Blogging Challenge Week 1

We are taking part in the 2017 Student Blogging Challenge. Our class is joining many other classes around the world to learn more about blogging and to connect and communicate with each other. You can learn more about the Challenge by visiting here. (You can also click on the Student Blogging Challenge image in the widget bar.)

Each week we will have a blogging challenge to complete.

Week 1’s challenge was to create (or update) our blog’s About Me page and to create an avatar. I am happy to report that I have fulfilled both these challenges!

You can find a link to our ‘About Me’ page underneath our header image. We are very proud of New Gisborne Primary School so I decided to include lots of photos of our school so other classes can see where we work, learn and have fun.

I used Cartoonify to create my new avatar. After having a little bit of trouble on my iPad, I persisted and was able to upload my new image by using my laptop.

My new avatar

The students of 4A will soon be creating their ‘About Me’ pages with information and photos about their favourite places around our school. Some students have already uploaded their widgets too. We are looking forward to completing Week 1’s challenges and moving on to Week 2’s challenge.

What are your favourite places around your school? (Be sure to justify your response with a reason.)