Friday Fun in the Kitchen Garden

On Friday we had fun frolicking amongst the foliage.

(What do you think of that for a sizzling start?)

Well, we weren’t exactly frolicking, we were working very hard!

Our before and after photos show just how much digging, watering, weeding and tidying we did during our Kitchen Garden lesson.

We would like to thank Sarah and Deb, our fantastic parent helpers, who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either!

Which gardening team were you a part of?

What did you do in the garden last week?

In your comment, why not include a link to your blog so we can see your garden photos too?

Welcome Term 2!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

We are already two weeks into the term, can you believe it?

We have had a busy start in the classroom.

Last Friday we cooked Zucchini Slice as part of our Kitchen Garden program. You can read more about Kitchen Garden at our school here.

Before our session we looked at the recipe and identified zucchinis as our seasonal produce as we currently have them (or did have them before we chopped and grated them up) growing in our school vegetable garden. We found out that they have many health benefits as well.

Cooking groups focused on working as a team, reading instructions and enjoying the yummy zucchini slice!

Many thanks to our wonderful parent helpers: Kathryn, Kate, Ash, Tony, Jane and Fenella!

Friday was also our Sporty Dress Up Day which is why we look like very sporty chefs.

What did you think of last week’s recipe?

Have you been practising your cooking skills at home?

Fiji Fundraiser

On Friday our Junior School Council organised a special dress up day to raise money and supplies for Fiji. Cyclone Winston caused horrific damage to the island and many families lost their homes and all their belongings.

Mrs Dawson has organised for the goods to be sent to Fiji. We also have the wonderful support of a parent helper who is assisting with shipping the goods.

The school raised over $1 000 and filled Mrs Dawson’s garage with boxes and boxes of supplies such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, nappies, bandages, torches and more.

4A looked fantastic all dressed up in the tropical theme. We hope the money we raised and the supplies we gave will help the people of Fiji.

Thank you to the Junior School Council and Mrs Dawson for organising such an important fundraiser.



Green Thumbs!

4A were busy in the garden today!

The students:

  • planted silverbeet and flat leaf parsley seedlings
  • weeded and turned the soil in the strawberry patch
  • tended to the raspberry plants
  • harvested hundreds of tomatoes
  • repurposed a planter box to hold the geraniums
  • moved the compost bins and tidied the bark
  • watered, watered, watered!

Thank you so much to our parent helpers Tony, Emily, Deb, Sarah H, Michelle and Fenella! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you also to our fantastic foodie helpers who cooked with us in our first Kitchen Garden session 4 weeks ago : Sarah W, Brylie, Sharon, Bec and Katherine.

4A students, did you enjoy gardening today? 

Have you planted silverbeet and parsley seedlings in your veggie app?