Here Fishy Fishy!

imageSplish, splash, splosh!

As part of our camp last week 4A took part in an Estuary Discovery session with education officers from Ecologic.

We were able to use all our prior knowledge about estuaries to appreciate the estuary ecosystem at Airey’s Inlet. We learnt how to use the handheld nets and also the larger nets to catch the little fish. We were very careful when handling them to make sure they all survived the process.

It was lots of fun and we got a bit wet (some people got very wet!)







The Eastern Blue Groper

Hello 4A!

As you know, we have been reading “Blueback” by Tim Winton. This week we have focused on the characters of the young boy named Abel and the fish named Blueback.

Read about the Eastern Blue Groper by clicking here. Record key words you find in notes or pages on your iPad.

For more information about the Blue Groper click here. Can you find any more key words to add to your list?

Did you find an interesting fact about the Blue Groper?

Why do you think Tim Winton chose to write about a Blue Groper?

Leave a quality comment with your answers to the above questions.

How to write a quality comment



Fish Tank Ecosystem

Last week I asked the students of 4A whether they thought our classroom fish tank was an ecosystem. They used ‘Explain Everything’ to present their findings.

Well done 4A!

Do you have any other types of ecosystems at your home?