Cooking in the Kitchen

Friday’s fun in the kitchen saw 4A cooking fresh and healthy smoothies. We were the first class to cook as part of our school’s Year 4 Kitchen Garden program. It was so much fun! I loved seeing so many happy faces learning new skills, trying new tastes and working in teams.

Thank you so much to our wonderful parent and grandparent helpers: Vivienne, Jodie, Susan, Heidi, Jane and Tanya. Without our wonderful volunteer helpers we would not be able to have our cooking sessions. Thank you!

Welcome Term 2!

Time flies when you’re having fun!

We are already two weeks into the term, can you believe it?

We have had a busy start in the classroom.

Last Friday we cooked Zucchini Slice as part of our Kitchen Garden program. You can read more about Kitchen Garden at our school here.

Before our session we looked at the recipe and identified zucchinis as our seasonal produce as we currently have them (or did have them before we chopped and grated them up) growing in our school vegetable garden. We found out that they have many health benefits as well.

Cooking groups focused on working as a team, reading instructions and enjoying the yummy zucchini slice!

Many thanks to our wonderful parent helpers: Kathryn, Kate, Ash, Tony, Jane and Fenella!

Friday was also our Sporty Dress Up Day which is why we look like very sporty chefs.

What did you think of last week’s recipe?

Have you been practising your cooking skills at home?

Kitchen Garden Tomato Bruschetta

Today it was 4C’s turn to cook and they did a fantastic job!

4C made Tomato Bruschetta.

Whilst 4C were cooking we learnt all about the seasonal produce of today’s main ingredient. We found out that tomatoes are very good for us. They contain many, many healthy vitamins and minerals.



What did you think of today’s Tomato Bruschetta?

What cooking skills do you think 4C learnt today?

What did you learn about tomatoes today?

Cooking In Kitchen Garden

In the first week of Kitchen Garden we became chefs! We made ‘Muesli and Yoghurt Parfaits’ for the grade, parent helpers and teachers.

The parfaits were full of the seasonal produce blueberries!

We followed a recipe, measured the ingredients, chopped, mixed and assembled little cups full of Vitamin C goodness!

It was a busy session but lots of fun!


Did you enjoy the cooking session?

Do you help with cooking at home?

You can visit our Kitchen Garden page on this blog to find out more about our program.