Reading Aloud

Ready, set, read!

Being a teacher, I am used to reading aloud. I even enjoy it!

At the moment I am reading Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island – The Ship of Ghosts by Gillian Philip.

Click on the link above to read a review of this book.

Watch the recording below to listen to me reading the first page of this book.


4A students,

You are going to create a post just like mine. I would like you to use my post as your success criteria.

Think about what I have included in my post and which app I have used to make my recording.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your post and listening to part of your book.

from Mrs Miller

Starting With A Sizzle – Sizzling Starts

Sizzling starts are taking over 4A’s writing!

We have been investigating the creative ways we can start our writing.

We found out we can create a sizzling start by using:

  • onomatopoeia
  • dialogue
  • humour
  • alliteration
  • a question
  • a surprising fact
  • something unexpected

We have been also looking at how other writers create sizzling starts.

The pictures below show some of the best we found.

Have you found an author who uses sizzling starts? 

Have you found an example of a creative sizzling start that really hooks the reader?