Sites to Explore

Pattern Blocks Program

A program that allows you to make tessellations with pattern blocks online.

Learn Your Tables – practise your times tables and test yourself.

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge


BBC Bitesize for Kids – fun and educational games for upper primary and lower secondary students.

Typing Test


4 thoughts on “Sites to Explore

  1. Hey Mrs. Miller,
    I was on your blog and found the Learn your Tables website, I found it to be very resourceful with my tables. I will be sure to go on it on my Maths homework nights. I also tried some of the other websites that I haven’t already used before. Although I found the times tables one to be the most helpful. It is very good for practising.
    From Sarah.

  2. Dear Mrs Miller I think the sites to explore page is really cool. Plus it’s a good way to learn things in a fun way.
    From Kate 🙂

    • Hi Kate,
      I agree with you. It is fun when you are learning but yet feel like you are “playing” on these sites. Which site have you found to be the most helpful for you?
      from Mrs Miller

  3. Dear Teachers
    I loved doing the tables test on the website Learn Your Tables because if you are not good at your tables it helps you practice them. Now instead of writing it down on a piece of paper I can go on the blog and practice my times tables there on the blog. I can now use it at home and it can be very helpful. It is different to Mathletics because Mathletics has angles, times, shapes and things that can make you good in maths. My score on the test was 18/19 on my 9’s.
    From Madison

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