Spine Poems

Today in 4 A  we ventured to the Library for our usual Tuesday lesson. Whilst we were there we talked about poetry and in particular, spine poetry. Spine poetry is a fun, quirky way of using book spines as the lines of your poem.

This is my poem:


The night we made the flag

Nigel the terrible

a bundle of nerves

Super Finn


ride a wild pony

Below are some more poems from 4A:





Friday’s Fog

The branch reaches out to the thick fog.

The branch reaches out to the thick fog.

The fog enveloped our school, refusing to let the sun peek in and see us.

The fog enveloped our school, refusing to let the sun peek in to see us.

The fog floated over the fields.

The fog floated over the fields.

We woke up to a world of fog this morning.

In 4A we are trying to use as much description in our writing as we can. We began the day by thinking about imagery and then we ventured out into the fog!


Reading Aloud

Ready, set, read!

Being a teacher, I am used to reading aloud. I even enjoy it!

At the moment I am reading Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island – The Ship of Ghosts by Gillian Philip.

Click on the link above to read a review of this book.

Watch the recording below to listen to me reading the first page of this book.


4A students,

You are going to create a post just like mine. I would like you to use my post as your success criteria.

Think about what I have included in my post and which app I have used to make my recording.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your post and listening to part of your book.

from Mrs Miller

Friday Fun in the Kitchen Garden

On Friday we had fun frolicking amongst the foliage.

(What do you think of that for a sizzling start?)

Well, we weren’t exactly frolicking, we were working very hard!

Our before and after photos show just how much digging, watering, weeding and tidying we did during our Kitchen Garden lesson.

We would like to thank Sarah and Deb, our fantastic parent helpers, who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either!

Which gardening team were you a part of?

What did you do in the garden last week?

In your comment, why not include a link to your blog so we can see your garden photos too?

The Age of Exploration

screen shot

Follow this link to The Mariner’s Museum website

Today we are spending some time exploring the above website.

In a comment, let me know 2 or three explorers/navigators /traders  you enjoyed reading about?

What makes them interesting?

Do you have any wonderings or thick questions about them?

Mapping Australia’s Coast

Our inquiry unit this term is titled Finding Australia.

We are investigating the following central idea:

Exploration leads to discovery and new understanding.

We have been reading, viewing, discussing and writing about the early exploreres and where they came from.

We have been asking questions about why they came to Australia.

The following clip from ABC’s BTN program is about map making today and in the past.


Today we are looking at the following website. In particular, we are looking at the early maps explorers created and asking questions to further our understanding.


What do you think of these early maps and images?

What thick (how and why) questions have you formed about the maps and images?

Happy Houses

The lions, the hawks, the grizzlie bears and the dingoes battle it out!

At New Gisborne Primary School we have 4 houses.





Each team has their own mascot and compete against each other for points at sporting and performing arts events. 

The school has a long history with these teams and we all take great pride in our own house. This year the competition is closer than ever!

Last term Lee won the Performing Arts Competition Day, singing and dancing to their song that the Year 6s wrote lyrics for.

Two weeks ago Hurst won the Cross Country.

There are more events throughout the year where we can earn points to help our team. At the end of the year the house with the most points wins the major trophy and the glory of being the best house!

Which house are you in?

Which house event do you enjoy? Which house event are you looking forward to?

Who do you think will win the big trophy at the end of the year?

First To Forty

Let me tell you about the dice, the ten squares and the rubber mat.

(Sizzling starts even work when we write about maths!)

We play warm up games at the start of our maths lessons. Recently we played First to Forty which worked on our skills of bridging to ten or pairs to ten.

Being able to automatically recall what digits make up ten is a valuable maths skill.

Being able to automatically recall what digits make up ten is a valuable maths skill and very important when it comes to solving algorithms.

This week we also played warm up games with cards to practise bridging to ten, pairs to ten, doubles, adding and subtracting to 20 and more.

Which warm up games would you like to play again?

Practising Place Value

Practise makes perfect.

Place value concepts are the basis of our Maths thinking. We worked a lot on place value last term and will continue to visit it all year long.

There are so many ways we can practise place value. 4A love playing games to practise their skills and learn more about ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions and the all important skill of trading. The more competitive the game the better!

Starting With A Sizzle – Sizzling Starts

Sizzling starts are taking over 4A’s writing!

We have been investigating the creative ways we can start our writing.

We found out we can create a sizzling start by using:

  • onomatopoeia
  • dialogue
  • humour
  • alliteration
  • a question
  • a surprising fact
  • something unexpected

We have been also looking at how other writers create sizzling starts.

The pictures below show some of the best we found.

Have you found an author who uses sizzling starts? 

Have you found an example of a creative sizzling start that really hooks the reader?