Blogging Challenge Week 2

Last week’s blogging activity was all about posting comments. We learnt about commenting when we first set up our blogs. We always try to write quality comments that adhere to our guidelines that you can find on our Why Blogging?  page.

A few years ago I attending a special blogging day for teachers. I met a wonderful teacher by the name of Miss Jordan. Miss Jordan’s blog is full of great posts where her students also write great comments. Miss Jordan gave me permission to use her poster about how to write a great comment.

Over the coming weeks, we will be trying to visit lots of blogs that are also a part of the Blogging Challenge and leave some great comments for them.

9 thoughts on “Blogging Challenge Week 2

  1. Hi Mrs Miller!

    I replied to Cooper from the USA. Here it is.

    Hi Cooper!

    Thanks for commenting! I was really excited about getting a visit from the USA! When we went on camp the estuary was different from what I thought it would look like. My favourite animal in an estuary is a turtle! In Australia, we have really cute longnecked turtles!

    P.S, my favourite person from history is probably Vannilla Ice! (He made the song, Ice Ice Baby).

  2. Hi Mrs Miller,

    I left a comment on Brooke’s blog here’s what I said:

    Hello Brooke!
    That does look yummy and well it did taste YUMMY! I really like the sense of humar you used in it.


  3. To Mrs Miller,

    I committed on Reaghan’s blog and I said,

    To Reaghan,

    I love your humour in your reflection. And your emotion in it I’m sure you did miss your mum. Hope you had a good time at camp and didn’t miss your mum but it’s life.

    From Brooke

  4. Dear mrs miller,

    I have left a comment to Logan.

    Dear Logan,

    Great job or is it dun dun duh. Kidding it was good great job I liked all of your posts.

    From your student Brandt

  5. G’day, Mrs Miller!
    JFYI (just for your information) I left a comment on Amanda’s Learning Blog.
    Here’s what I said:

    “Howdy, Amanda!

    By the sounds of your comment, I think you enjoyed camp immensely! Sure, all camps have pro’s and con’s, (ups and downs), but that doesn’t stop you from having a great time. It’s a bit upsetting that you weren’t chosen to feed the puffer fish, but hey, at least you don’t have to worry about your fingers getting chomped off because, as you said, puffer fish’s beak-like jaws are stronger then you think.

    Bye, Emma”

  6. Hi Mrs Miller,
    I have commented to Abbey here it is
    Hi Abbey,
    I really like your reflection on Camp Wilkin and you are amazing at blogging. I really like your sentences and your expression.
    From Amanda

    • Dear Amanda,
      You have written a great comment, you used great structure and wrote a lovely compliment to Abbey. Well done!
      From Mrs Miller

  7. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I have left a comment on Will’s Learning Blog, here it is
    Dear Will,
    I really found your slideshow, well..INSPIRING! I’m curious about why you didn’t touch the purple sea urchins, they weren’t that spiky.
    From, Abbey!

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