Performing Arts Award for 4A

Performing Arts is all about the ukulele this term. 4A are doing a wonderful job with their playing. They have been working in groups to learn their chords and play melodies from popular songs. Thanks to their hard work, they were awarded a special class award from Mrs Coote at last week’s assembly.

Congratulations 4A! I loved hearing your songs and seeing your smiling faces in Performing Arts on Monday.

Thank you also to Mrs Coote for our award!

Have you enjoyed your Performing Arts lessons with the ukulele?

What other instruments do you play?

17 thoughts on “Performing Arts Award for 4A

  1. Dear mrs miller

    Yes I do have a musical background for the piano and I have loved to play the ukulele with mrs Coote I hope I learn more songs from you
    Yours sincerely harrya

  2. Hello Mrs Miller and 4A

    Great job for your award or class award. Well done at ukulele. I did enjoy the ukulele

    Sincerely Brandt

  3. Howdy Miss Miller!

    I love performing arts and I play the guitar and the kalimba. I am very joyful that we got the award and also the smoothies look yummy even though I didn’t get to make them but THEY LOOK NICE!


  4. Hi Mrs Miller,

    Yes I’ve really enjoyed playing the ukulele with Ms Coote. I really like playing the chords, learning to tune the ukulele and playing in a group.

    Yes I do play an instrument. I play guitar and I really like it. I think it so fun.


  5. Dear Mrs Miller

    I have really enjoyed playing the ukulele. I already play another instrument witch is the piano and I really enjoy playing that to.

    Kind Regards,

  6. Dear Ms Miller,
    I think uke’s are fun but it’s hard to change to the different chords but I keep on trying. I do play guitar which I think it is easier but that’s from my prospective.
    From Harry

  7. Hello miss miller

    I love prfororming arts it so much fun and I don’t remember us playing another instrument but Thant you for asking

    From Eden (Thanks for teaching me)

  8. To Miss Miller
    I think we did a great job in the uke I think especially the guitar people be we do the cord swiching.
    From Frida

  9. Hi, Mrs Miller!

    Thank you for the congratulations.

    To answer your question, yes I have been enjoying performing arts for the last few weeks. Playing the ukulele is extra fun. As another response to your other question, yes I do play other instruments. Two to be precise. One of them is the clarinet and the other one is piano.

    Cheers, Emma!!!

  10. Dear Mrs Miller,

    I love playing the ukulele me and my group are playing ” I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You ”

    Well I kinda play keyboard but I don’t do it at school.

    Cheers Brooke,

  11. Dear Mrs Miller,
    No we don’t actually play any other instrument but I really would like to play something like some drums.

    Yes I really have enjoyed playing the ukulele and I continue to enjoy it! It’s a really easy and fun instrument to play.

    From Abbey

  12. Dear Mis Miller

    I have been wanting to play the drums for awhile, this term performing arts has actually inspired me to play the Ukulele and I might get musical lessons.


  13. To Mrs. Miller

    Playing the ukulele is fun, but it’s hard when you have to change chords quickly. I’ve played keyboard for about 1 year and a half. It’s not as hard if you’ve got quick reflexes.

    Thanks, Will

  14. Hi Miss Miller I like playing the ukulele I want to learn the song riptide by the way I play the keyboard from Jacob.

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