Maths and Movement

For the last couple of weeks we have been experimenting with running, skipping and side galloping whilst we add, subtract, divide and multiply AT THE SAME TIME!

We have “played” games inside and outside with the aim to practise and improve our maths skills.

Students of 4A,

Which games have you enjoyed? Can you remember what it is was called? What equipment did it use? How has it helped to practise/improve your maths skills?

It makes sense that ‘maths and movement’ isn’t for everybody. If you haven’t enjoyed the games, what other parts of maths have you enjoyed lately?

I look forward to reading your comments. Remember to reply using our quality comment structure. 


17 thoughts on “Maths and Movement

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    My favourite maths game was the chance percentages game where you gave us two things and we went to a percentage if they were linked. We should keep doing the outdoor maths because we get vitamin D, it is fun we all love it and putting maths in a more real situation.
    From Fintan

  2. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I liked the maths movement games because it is a fun way to do maths. My favourite game was the one where there was 100 percent 50 percent and 0 percent. I liked it because I had to think what the chances are.
    From Josh

  3. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I really liked the game were we had to run to the holler hoops. That game helped me improve my multiplication.
    Form Ella

  4. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I really liked the game with the hoopla hoops and the number cards I forgot what is was called though.
    From Aoife

  5. Dear Mrs Miller
    My favourite game was the game that we had to answer the question in percentages. This is an example. are you a girl I definitely did 100%

    From Nea

  6. Dear Mrs Miller,
    With maths and movment I really liked the game I can’t remember what it was called because it was energetic and fun. It only used hoops, chalk and balls. The game has not really improved my maths skills it’s just fun. I really like maths because it helps my learning and is awesome!
    from Adam

  7. Dear Mrs Miller,
    My favourite game was factor hoops.
    With the hoops and Mrs Miller counted down and if Mrs Miller called out the number 21 and if you were in a hoop that said 7 you get a point.
    From Harry

  8. Dear Mr Miller,
    I liked the game called factor hoops because I used strategies to win, I kept going on the number 9 because it is factors of a lot more numbers.
    From Sarah

  9. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I enjoyed playing all the games on the basketball court because they improve my learning and it is a fun way to learn instead of working inside with a pencil and paper that’s why I think it is why I like working out side on the basketball court for maths.

    From Maddy

  10. Dear Mrs Miller,
    My favourite maths game that we have played is greedy pig it helps me learn chance and my addition. And you don’t need much aquipment to play, all you need is a dice, maths book and a pencil.
    from Nadav

  11. Hi Mrs Miller,
    I have really enjoyed maths and movement and my favorite maths game was the one that had the percentages written down and we would walk around until we had to choose our thinking of the chances of something happening, it used hoola hoops and the chalk.
    from Ned

  12. Dear Mrs Miller
    I really enjoyed playing the chance number line game because I liked using the percentages that we used with you and Mr Rogers.
    from Scott

    • To Mrs Miller,
      I am looking forward to playing more maths games because it is more fun to play outside than inside and it is helping my learning.
      from Caleb

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