Sharing and Dividing

In Maths we have been learning to share equal amounts. This is otherwise known as dividing.

We have used counters and pretended we were sharing beans, apples and chocolates.

Today we pretended to share sticks we found in an imaginary forest. We used paddle pop sticks.

As usual, we also spent time reflecting on our learning. We had some great discussion and the following students have let me record their reflections here:

Sarah likes using multiplication to check her answers.

Fintan said that he didn’t even know he was learning but when he thought back, he was. He was learning to divide 2 digit numbers.

Lily likes planning and using diagrams to help work out the maths problems.

The photos below are evidence of our Maths learning today.

img_1271 img_1272 img_1273 img_1274 img_2197

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