Zany Zentangles Poetry

In 4A we love Kathryn Apel!

Kathryn’s website is a fantastic place to visit as well.  She has so many creative ideas and her different ways for making poetry are really cool. Yesterday we experimented with Blackout poetry (post on that coming soon) and today we are hopefully going to try Zentangles Poetry.

Click on the link below to visit Kathryn’s website and to find out what Zentangles poetry is:



3 thoughts on “Zany Zentangles Poetry

    • Hello Caleb,
      No, I did not make that zentangle. I found it on Kathryn Apel’s website. It does inspire me to try to do one as good as it though.
      from Mrs Miller

  1. Lily loved this! We had to go a buy a book from the Op Shop so she could rip out a page and practice. Never heard of it before and it sounds great.

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