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Ipswich Poetry Feast

We have been experimenting with poetry this term. We have been writing our own poetry and looking at the poetry of Kathryn Apel in her verse novel, Bully On The Bus.

Click on the links above to read more poetry from different sources.

Now that we have been reading and writing poetry for a couple of weeks, what do you think makes a good poem or poet?

3 thoughts on “Exploring Poetry

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I had a look at the links you put up and the websites are really good. The poem I really liked was on, Poetry 4 kids. The one I liked was called Best Friend. I liked it because it sort of related to me. And I liked it because it was free verse.
    What’s your favorite type of poem?
    From Katie

  2. I love Hamish’s interpretation of poetry in rap music. He takes on a whole new persona & loves his little rap verses. We do too.

    Hamish’s mum & dad

    • Dear Hamish’s mum and dad,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Hamish’s rap verses use rhyme and rhythm really well. It is great to see him writing this form of poetry that he connects with.
      From Mrs Miller

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