Friday Fun in the Kitchen Garden

On Friday we had fun frolicking amongst the foliage.

(What do you think of that for a sizzling start?)

Well, we weren’t exactly frolicking, we were working very hard!

Our before and after photos show just how much digging, watering, weeding and tidying we did during our Kitchen Garden lesson.

We would like to thank Sarah and Deb, our fantastic parent helpers, who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either!

Which gardening team were you a part of?

What did you do in the garden last week?

In your comment, why not include a link to your blog so we can see your garden photos too?

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun in the Kitchen Garden

  1. The garden looks great grade 4, well done. I shall look forward to sampling some of the results when I return from my travels. Mrs. S

    • Dear Mrs Stevens,
      Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you are having a wonderful holidays overseas. we look forward to seeing you at school next term!
      From 4A

  2. Dear Mrs Miller,
    My job was to flip all the dirt over. I was working with Josh m and was really fun.
    From Harry

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