The Age of Exploration

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Follow this link to The Mariner’s Museum website

Today we are spending some time exploring the above website.

In a comment, let me know 2 or three explorers/navigators /traders  you enjoyed reading about?

What makes them interesting?

Do you have any wonderings or thick questions about them?

32 thoughts on “The Age of Exploration

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    Hear at some of the Australian explorers and why I like them
    Sir Walter Ralegh
    Colonising and finding resources from the new world.
    I liked that because the new world sounds cool.

    Jean-Walter Ge Galaup De La Perouse
    After the exploration of Captin Cook, the French hoped to fill the gapes, cook left in charting and information gathererd about the people and the plants of the percific rim.
    I like him because hey came back to find more.

    From Nadav

  2. Dear Mrs Miller,
    Macro Polo was raised in Venice. His farther was named Nicolo and his uncle Maffio moved around Europe. In 1271 they started on their second journey.

    Sir William Edward Parry’s final arctic journey combined sailing and sledding. They left London on March 25 1827 aboard the HMS Helca. 1790-1855

    Jacques Cartier was born in 1491 trained in teenage years as a navigator. His only voyage in 1524.

  3. Dear Mrs Miller,
    The two people I found out about are from the 17 hundreds. The first person is James Cook, his primary goal was to discover whether there was a large southern continent and to discover any lands for English colonisation.
    And the second person is Abel Janszoon Tasman, his primary goal was to find new new routes to have trade for goods and to have a market to sell Dutch products.

  4. Dear Mrs Miller and 4A,
    Abel Janszoon Tasman He discovered what is now called Tasmania and New Zealand. He also mapped out areas around Australia.
    From Aoife.

  5. Dear Mrs Miller,
    Henry Hudson explored Hudson Bay, Hudson River as far as West Point south to the entrance of the Chesapeake bay.
    From Ella

  6. Dear Mrs Miller
    The two people that I did was James Cook and Able Tasman my fact about James Cook is: his Primary Goal is to discover weather there was a large southern Continent and to discover any lands for English colonisation. My facts about Able Tasman is: his primary Goal is to find new routes to trade for goods and to have a market to sell Dutch Products. From Maddy

  7. Dear Mrs Miller and 4A Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was an explorer He confirmed that California was not an island, As he believed at the time, he claimed California for Spain, and established the Spanish presence in the East Indies. From Fintan

  8. Dear Mrs Miller
    Marco Polo
    Loaded them with presents the story of the sea 1895 from the library at the mariners museum Gcei.Qll.
    From lily

  9. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I Searched up about
    James Clark Ross
    The interesting thing about James Ross is that he discovered the magnetic North Pole.

    My wondering is how did he know that there was any land up there?

  10. Dear Mrs Miller
    I like Abel Tasman because he discovered Tasmania which I like. I like Jacques Cartier to because he has a cool dress type of shirt.

    From Nea

  11. Dear Mrs Miller and 4A,
    I have some information about Abel Janszoon Tasman. He was born in Lutjegast, Vriesland, Netherlands in 1603. He is known for discovering Tasmania and New Zealand. Abel also mapped out areas around Australia. If Abel was alive now he would be 413 years old. He was married twice, with his first marriage he had one daughter. He died in 1659 when he was only 56.
    From Sophie

  12. DEAR Mrs Miller
    I like Abel janzoon tasman because he found Tasmania.
    And also I liked prince Henry the navigator he started a school for sailors.

  13. Dear Mrs Miller

    Abel Tasman janzoon
    He discovered what is now called Tasmania and New Zealand. He also mapped out areas around Australia.

    From Jasmine

  14. Dear Mrs Miller
    James cook
    Le Cepne Jacque cook circa 1728-1799 painting by bernard the mariners museum.
    From lily

  15. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I searched up about
    Abel Janzoon tasman:
    The interesting thing about Abel Tasman is that he discovered Tasmania and New Zealand.

    My wondering is if he let his wife on the ship?

    • Dear Josh,
      Do you think knowing about his wife would help with the research about his accomplishments as an explorer?
      From Mrs Miller

  16. Dear Mrs Miller,
    Did captain cooks ship the Endeavour get discovered after all these years and was it a wreck from transportation?
    Fridtjof Nansen what did he do because he looks like a convict.
    Did sir William Edward Parry discover the entrance to the Northwest passage.
    From Adam

    • Hello Adam,

      Are you able to tell me an interesting fact about these explorers? I like you wonderings as well. Good job!
      From Mrs Miller

  17. Dear Ms Miller,
    I found the name Sir Robert Scott his goal was to be the first person to the South Pole.
    From Harry

  18. Dear Mrs Miller and 4A I am interested in Robert Peary because his goal was to be the first to reach the North Pole and he achieved it. From Fintan.

    • Dear Ashton,
      You are missing some information. Read the red questions on the blog again. Can you give me some more information please?
      From Mrs Miller

      • Dear Mrs Miller
        I am wondering why Christopher Columbus thought it was India when it had lots of pine trees and different animals.

  19. Dear 4a
    I found a fact about a man named Fabian Gottlieb Thaddeus von Bellingshausen and at 25 years old he was the 5th officer on A.J. von Kruzenstern’s circumnavigation of the world in 1802.

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