Happy Houses

The lions, the hawks, the grizzlie bears and the dingoes battle it out!

At New Gisborne Primary School we have 4 houses.





Each team has their own mascot and compete against each other for points at sporting and performing arts events. 

The school has a long history with these teams and we all take great pride in our own house. This year the competition is closer than ever!

Last term Lee won the Performing Arts Competition Day, singing and dancing to their song that the Year 6s wrote lyrics for.

Two weeks ago Hurst won the Cross Country.

There are more events throughout the year where we can earn points to help our team. At the end of the year the house with the most points wins the major trophy and the glory of being the best house!

Which house are you in?

Which house event do you enjoy? Which house event are you looking forward to?

Who do you think will win the big trophy at the end of the year?

13 thoughts on “Happy Houses

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    Congratulations Lee won, you did great!
    I’m sad that Galloway lost but proud that we had a good try. Maybe we will win next time.
    From Katie

  2. The hurst Hawks were waiting for us to win because we haven’t won for a while but again we came first in cross country yaaaay. Go hurst. From Fintan.

  3. Dear Mrs Miller

    What team are you in I’m in HURST GO HURST but sadly we d I’d not win the song but we did win cross country.

    From Nea

    • Hello Nea,
      I am in Lee.
      Lee usually does pretty well at the events but I don’t think we have won the big trophy yet.
      From Mrs Miller

  4. Goooooo DEVLIN!!!
    DEVLIN DEVLIN were the best were way better than the rest stand up on your feet and cheer c’mon DEVLIN it’s our year all the fans in the stand c’mon DEVLIN clap your hands 12345678 gooooo DEVLIN!!!
    We came SECOND in the house race lee always steal the podium from us.

    From Adam

    • Dear Lily,
      It is great you are a proud Hurst team member. Remember to use full stops at the end of your sentence. Also, use a capital letter for the start of your name.
      From Mrs Miller

        • Dear Harry,
          Yes, that makes more sense. Thank you for clearing that up. Remember to proofread your comments before you click on the reply button.
          From Mrs Miller

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