Place Value Fun

Ones, tens, hundreds! Ready set go!

This term we have been having fun learning about place value. The students have participated in individual, partner and group activities, practising trading, renaming and expanding numbers.

For today’s activity, we went out on to the basketball courts withs lots of base ten blocks (MAB blocks) to play Place Value Races.

Teams worked together to create numbers using the base ten blocks. One person in the team rolled the dice while another person ran the width of the basketball court to collect their base ten blocks. On returning to the team, students counted their blocks, traded if they needed to and then rolled the dice to do it all over again until the time was up.

In order to trade teams had to keep counting their blocks and remember that:

  • ten ones = 10
  • ten tens = 100
  • ten hundreds = one thousand

Luckily for us, Place Value is a Maths focus for us all year long so we will definitely keep playing games like this that support our learning.

What did you think of Place Value races?

Which of our place value activities have you most enjoyed doing this term?


21 thoughts on “Place Value Fun

  1. Hi Mrs Miller,
    I liked the place value races because you were under pressure when you were counting the MAB, your whole team was yelling out to you! I just wish it wasn’t so hot! I liked it at the end when you were allowed to start off with one thousand, nine hundred and twenty MAB!
    From Sophie

  2. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I like doing the values out side because I like running back and forth and learning at the same time it was so fun I loved it. I wish we could do it again it was awesome. from Madeline

  3. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I liked the roll make expand even though I didn’t get to do the whole thing because I went to gitair

    Yours sincerely

  4. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I thought the place value races were good because
    I got to learn more about place value. My favourite place
    value activity would probably have to be the Place value
    houses because it was fun decorating them.
    From Katie

  5. Dear Mrs Miller
    I liked how in the Roll, Make, Expand we made some mistakes and then we had to figure out what it was.
    From Josh.m

  6. Dear Mrs Miller
    My favourite thing doing was place value races because
    We got to go outside and it was fun to fuse running and maths together
    From Jasmine

  7. Hello Mrs Miller,
    I loved doing place values because there really fun and I love trading it also gets our brain working really well.
    From Ella

  8. Hi mrs miller,
    I think that the place value race was a bit confusing because you had to run back and forth that made me puffed and because we were in the hot sun. But i did like the place value houses because you got to be creative and ,earn expanded notation. It all was very fun.

    From josh.p

  9. Dear Mrs Miller I liked place value races because it is always fun to do math outside and it is a good active game that used strategy. From Fintan.

  10. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I liked making the array video because I like using technology and finding out things on the iPad.
    From Adam

  11. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I liked finding the arrays around the school because it was fun to walk around the school to find out the difrent arrays.
    From Harry

  12. Dear Mrs Millir,
    I liked the activity we did because we got to run
    around, it was like we had a sport lesson and a math lesson at the same time.
    From Nadav

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