So High Up!

I took this photo whilst we were on camp last week.

Do you know what this is a photo of?

What if it wasn’t a photo from real life?

Can you be creative and imagine it is something out of a fantasy or action story? 

I am looking forward to reading your creative comments that use a sizzling start. image

13 thoughts on “So High Up!

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    This is my story: I didn’t want to do this but I knew I had no other choice. Well, I had a army of wasps behind me. I closed my eyes and jumped off the top of split point lighthouse. Yes, I jumped off the 34m building. I was going to hit the ground any minute…………………….
    Wait… I haven’t hit the ground yet. I looked behind me and I saw 40 or more seagulls grabbing on to my T-shirt and flying me to the ground.
    From Sophie

    • Dear Sophie,
      I loved reading your comment – what an awesome mini story! Such kind seagulls too! Well done!
      from Mrs Miller

  2. Dear mrs miller,
    I know that that is from the top of the lighthouse because you can see the entry to it.
    From josh.p

    • Dear Lily,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Can you give me some more information?
      Why do you think it is a good lookout?
      From Mrs Miller

  3. Dear Mrs Miller

    The picture is from the lighthouse when we went there.

    And sorry if I did not put my name for the blue Groper infomatin.

    From Nea

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