Green Thumbs!

4A were busy in the garden today!

The students:

  • planted silverbeet and flat leaf parsley seedlings
  • weeded and turned the soil in the strawberry patch
  • tended to the raspberry plants
  • harvested hundreds of tomatoes
  • repurposed a planter box to hold the geraniums
  • moved the compost bins and tidied the bark
  • watered, watered, watered!

Thank you so much to our parent helpers Tony, Emily, Deb, Sarah H, Michelle and Fenella! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you also to our fantastic foodie helpers who cooked with us in our first Kitchen Garden session 4 weeks ago : Sarah W, Brylie, Sharon, Bec and Katherine.

4A students, did you enjoy gardening today? 

Have you planted silverbeet and parsley seedlings in your veggie app?

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