Taking A Leap – Let’s Investigate!


Take a hard look at the above picture? What is going on in the picture? What is happening? What does the image represent?

The above BTN link is very interesting to watch.

Visit the Maths Is Fun website for more information and a quiz to check your understanding.

Having read and viewed all the information, what is a leap year? Why do we have leap years? Do you have any information to add about leap years?

15 thoughts on “Taking A Leap – Let’s Investigate!

  1. Dear Mrs. Miller
    I think a leap year would be cool
    If really you were born on the 29of February

    1what is a leap year
    A leap year ago is when there is a nother day added
    Also it only happens every 4 years.

    • Dear Anniek,

      Thank you for your comment. I think it would be cool to call yourself a “leapling” but I think it would be uncool to miss out on your actual birthday.

      Saying that, I know 2 people who are leaplings and it doesn’t seem to bother them.

      From Mrs Milller

  2. Hello Mrs miller,
    On the leap year quiz I got 9/10 and I had a good time trying it out and sometimes I got a little bit confused on the first time but I kind of got it.

    From Josh p

  3. Dear Mrs Miller,
    On the weekend when I had breakfast a McDonald’s. And dad had a look at the front page and it had the man who has lived for 84 years but is really only 21 years of age.
    From Adam

  4. Dear Mrs Miller every four years the earth stops going around the sun and stops for a rest for four hours then it goes back to work again. On a leap year the Olympic Games go back on, this year (2016) is a leap year. From Fintan.

  5. Dear Mrs Miller,
    If you have a birthday on 29th of February you have a birthday every 4 years. I think the website is good because you can use it for a lot of maths thinks. From Harry

  6. Dear Mrs Miller,
    When I got onto the website I did the quiz straight away. I got eight correct.Then I read some information and did the quiz again. The second time I got nine correct. The website is very good and helped me get another question right.
    From Sophie

  7. Dear Mrs Miller
    I enjoyed the activities on maths fun l learnt lots from the lesson like that people who are born in 29th only have a birthday every 4 years
    From Scott

  8. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I thought I would go well in the quiz but I only got three correct, if you ever do the quiz I hope you do better.
    From Nadav

  9. Dear Mrs Miller
    From that article I learnt that people who are born on the 29th of February are called leaplings. I know a leapling. On the quiz I scored 8/10.

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