Kitchen Garden Tomato Bruschetta

Today it was 4C’s turn to cook and they did a fantastic job!

4C made Tomato Bruschetta.

Whilst 4C were cooking we learnt all about the seasonal produce of today’s main ingredient. We found out that tomatoes are very good for us. They contain many, many healthy vitamins and minerals.



What did you think of today’s Tomato Bruschetta?

What cooking skills do you think 4C learnt today?

What did you learn about tomatoes today?

30 thoughts on “Kitchen Garden Tomato Bruschetta

  1. Dear Mrs Miller
    I really loved the tomato bruschetta it was my absolute favourite kitchen garden food, it was delicious .
    PS what is our next recipe.

  2. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I learnt today the health benefits in tomatoes are improves vision , your skin is healthy if you eat tomatoes , I also learnt what tomatoes contain vitamin C vitamin E .
    from Madeline

  3. I learnt that that tomatos are good for your eye site. And how do you decide what meal each class gets to make each week

    From jazzy

  4. Dear Mrs. Miller I loved the tomato bruschetta but not the tomatoes but add least I tried it.The bread was the best bread I have ever tasted in my life!!!!
    Kind regards Fintan.

  5. Hi mrs miller,
    The tomato bruschetta was so yum. I liked it because it had the juicey tomato and French stick was also a hit it was so good that I want to make some more at home.

    From your sensiely Josh.P

  6. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I think the tomato bruschetta was the best I’ve had in kitchen garden so far. I rated it 10/10. I think the gooey tomato and the crunchy toast went perfectly together. I can’t wait to see what we are having next week!
    From Sophie

    • Dear Nea,
      Hello. Yes, I did try some of the Tomato Bruschetta. I liked it. I thought it tasted very fresh and tasty.
      From Mrs Miller

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