In The Garden

Last week we visited the garden that is our Year 4 Kitchen Garden.

We practised using our iPads for photography. We had to think about angles, shapes, shadows and colours for our photos.

It was our first “official” visit to the garden and we found that lots was going on in there! Plants kept growing over the holidays and the insects were very busy buzzing about.

Since our visit, 4B and 4C have had their gardening sessions and they have tidied the garden beds up a lot.

Garden 2Garden 1 For more information about our school’s Kitchen Garden program please visit our Kitchen Garden Page on this blog.

Were you able to take a good photo in the garden?

Did you see any interesting plants or insects during our visit?

14 thoughts on “In The Garden

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I can’t wait until gardening next Friday. I wonder what we will have to do? I am going to search up the recipe of tomato bruschetta and try cook it at home.
    From Sophie

    • Dear Sophie,
      Good luck with cooking the Tomato Bruschetta at home. I have just added the recipe to our class blog. This updated version is much clearer to read than the version I posted yesterday. I would love to see a photo of what you make.
      From Mrs Miller

      • Dear Mrs Miller,
        Tonight, my family and I had tomato bruschetta for dinner. To cook it we used tomatoes from our own garden. I can’t post a picture on your blog but I can show you tomorrow at school.
        From Sophie

  2. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I think taking pictures of the kitchen garden was fun! 4B and 4C have made huge differences. The pictures I took the second time we went down there were much better than my first ones.
    From Sophie

    • Dear Sophie,
      Thank you for your comment. I also enjoyed taking photos of the garden. It was interesting to get close up and see the different shapes and patterns of the leaves.
      From Mrs Miller

      • Dear Mrs Miller,
        Thanks for replying to my comment. I noticed this morning when we were leaving, so I didn’t have time to post a comment. When we were taking pictures in the garden I took a picture of a bee.
        From Sophie

    • Dear Sarah,
      Great question! If you visit the Kitchen Garden page on our blog you might find the answer. Have a look and let me know if you find any good answers.
      From Mrs Miller

  3. Dear Mrs Miller and 4A,
    The garden was really messed up before it had been cleaned up by the grade 4’s. It looks a lot better than before.Kind regards Sarah

  4. Dear Mrs. Miller
    I loved taking photos of the kitchen garden but I didn’t get any good photo’s but I bet you did.
    Kind regards
    Will and Fintan

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