100 Word Challenge (100WC)

This week we are visiting Wootton Primary’s blog for our Quadblogging. Exploring their blog, we discovered the 100WC. We followed the links to the 100WC blog and found out all about it.

The challenge involves looking at a prompt and then writing creatively, inspired by that prompt. The challenging part is that you can only use 100 words, you must not go over 100 words but try to get as close to the word limit as you can.

We are going to attempt the challenge in 5C. The prompt is below:

Write your 100 words and post it on your individual blog. Once you have done this, leave a comment on this post letting us all know the title of your piece (Your title does not count towards your 100 words.) Good Luck!

20 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge (100WC)

    • Hi Paige,
      My name is Hannah. Quadblogging is were 4 blogs around the world get paired up to blog to each other, each week we change the focus blog which means everyone comments on that blog, we do this for 8 weeks. We have been paired up with some interesting blogs in the past e.g. We had a blog that had 12 people in the school! This is a link to my blog http://hannahngps.global2.vic.edu.au
      From Hannah

    • Hello Paige,
      My name is Alex and Quadbloging is when you are assigned to other blogs around the world and you have to comment to them so its a bit like pen pals.
      From Alex

  1. Hi Mrs Miller,
    I have finished my 100wc, it is called “The Bridge”. I am loving your blog at the moment! 🙂
    from Hannah

  2. Hi Mrs Miller,
    This challenge sounds great. I think I am going to have to try it out myself. It seems really hard to only be allowed to write 100 words or less. I hope everyone has a good time trying have fun.
    From Emma 6a

    • Hi Emma,
      Thanks for commenting on our blog. It is tricky to limit yourself to 100 words. Students in 5C have had to be thoughtful and use effective punctuation and adjectives. You can follow their links and read their efforts.
      from Mrs miller

  3. Hello Mrs Miller,

    I have decided to call my short story-100WC Old Rickety Bridge. So if you want to find it just look at my blog and you should see it on the top. I am looking forward to writing it.


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