Typing Test

10 Fast Fingers Typing Test is a fun way to test your typing skills. I got the following score:

Typing Test

Visit the Typing Test and try!

On Friday we will all be having a go in class. We will test ourselves each term to see how much we improve over the year.

In the meantime, have a go and see if you can beat me. Follow the link below to access the site.



What score did you get? What do you think of the challenge? Do you know any ways or websites that can help us all improve our typing speed and accuracy?

22 thoughts on “Typing Test

  1. Dear Mrs Miller,
    This program is a great way to practice your spelling and your speed of typing and as I say you can improve your scores really quickly as long as you keep practising. Is this program going to be compulsory in our class time or is it just for home?
    From Mitchell.

  2. Hi Mrs Miller,
    The typing website is really good because it helps you with your typing skills and it also helps your spelling skills. My highest score was 21 after three goes.

    From Daniel

  3. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I really liked the typing test because it teaches people to type faster. I thought that it was fun and educating. Can we have a test at the end of the year to see if we have improved? I got a score of 22 words per minute. From Kate 🙂 🙂

  4. Dear Mrs Miller
    The spelling game was a fun game and is like tux typing. I got 20 word right and 0 incorrect words. My keystroke was 101. I like this game because you have to do as match word as you can.

  5. Hi Mrs Miller,
    I tried the typing test and it was hard because my fingers were all frosty. My score was 13 words per minute and that was my second time but I didn’t improve because I got the same score as I got the first time I tried the typing test. There was another typing test called typing test or something. I know because we did it in grade 3 or 2, and I really liked that.

    From Eleanore

  6. Hello Mrs Miller,

    Whoa! Big achievement Mrs Miller I tried twice and only scored 22 so must be a very fast at typing (or I am just slow) .So good job for you or anyone who got 30 or over.

    I think this website will be good to practise touch typing and getting to know how your keyboard works and it functions. By Zac 5C

  7. Dear Mrs Miller,

    Today we did a 10 fast fingers website I really enjoyed it because it’s educational but fun. It’s also great because it tells you how fast you type.
    My high score is 29 words per minute.

    From Lachlan

  8. Dear Mrs Miller,
    My score was 22 in total I also got 0 wrong and I had 110 keywords.
    I think its like a literacy version of Learn Your Tables so in other words it really helpful. I don’tknow a better or more accurate way to do it!

  9. Dear Mrs Miller,
    Personally I think that I did pretty well, my score was: 24 words a minute, 118 keystrokes a minute, I got 21 words right and 0 wrong. It worked very well and it definitely tests how fast you can type and how many words a minute. The game was fun and it was a bit like typing tournament and also tux typing.

  10. Mrs Miller,
    My word score is 32!!!!
    My world score is 55782.
    I really like this website because you get to know how fast you type and stuff.
    I really like how you put that website on the blog.
    Could you put more websites on the blog?

  11. Dear Mrs. Miller
    I believe you have made a very good discovery! It is a very good website but it should give us more than one minute

    Yours sincerely Alex.i

  12. Dear Mrs Miller

    On the test for typing I got a high score of 19 and it really helped my typing. I thought it was really handy because now I can really type faster now.

    from Elma

  13. Hi Mrs Miller,
    The typing test game is awesome because it helps people learn how to spell and how to type faster. On typing test I got a high score of 19.
    From Olivia

  14. Dear Mrs Miller,
    The typing test is really good because you have to concentrate so you don’t lose any time on the clock. I got 19 words per minute.
    This website is really helpful for typing skills.
    From Matthew.

  15. Dear Mrs Miller, I got 26 words per minute and none wrong. I liked the challenge and I think that it will help me a lot with typing fast and accurate. I do know a website called touch typing, it’s not so much speed but it helps you to position your hands in the right spot. From Hannah

  16. Dear Mrs Miller,
    That was a really fun link. My highest score was 24 but I am getting better at it. Another good typing website is touch typing it really helps. I learnt about it in grade 3, it has different levels. From Olivia

  17. Hey Mrs Miller,
    I just tried the typing test I thought it was fabulous it help you learn how to type and it made it fun I had lots of fun and I going keep on testing myself at home. I got a score of 23 but I still going to try to beat it. Have great day Callum.

  18. Dear Mrs Miller,
    I enjoyed doing the typing test because I liked seeing how much my score improved. I’m glad that you found that website. I achieved a score of 30 words per minute.
    You’re sincerely,

  19. hello mrs miller,
    i think that is a good typing test website. that website could be very good for practice and testing.my first score was 14 and my second score was 18.

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