Roald Dahl’s 100th Birthday



Today is Roald Dahl’s birthday. If he was still alive he would be 100 years old! The day of his birth has become known as ‘Roald Dahl Day’.

This term we listened to and read along with the audiobook of “The BFG”. We enjoyed Dahl’s descriptive writing, interesting vocabulary and his action packed storylines.

Do you have a favourite Roald Dahl story?

Which character/s do you like?

Do the quiz on the Roald Dahl website and let me know which character you are most like.  Good luck!

The students of 4A are also creating their own tribute to Roald Dahl. They will be publishing their digital creations on their blogs. Be sure to visit their blogs to find out more about why Roald Dahl is such a celebrated author.

Squared Numbers

Today in Maths we learnt about squared numbers.

It was such a sunny day that we went outside and got creative with the chalk. We were just like the chalk artists you see busking in the city – except we were mathematical!



4A students, have you logged onto Maths Online to apply today’s learning to the task questions?

If so, how did you go?

If not, why not? Log in now and see how you go! (Search squared numbers).

Summarising the 7 Olympic Values


Today we looked at the role of the Summariser in our Reading lesson.

We are applying our summarising strategies to researching the 7 Olympic Values.

We began the lesson by working together to summarise the following online text:

Olympic Values Wiki How

We then became summarisers with our individual texts.

Lastly, as part of our writing lesson, we investigated how to present our summaries.

Our Success Criteria told us that we should:

  • name the key values of the Olympics
  • explain what they mean

Visit us again soon to see how we wrote our summaries.




Zany Zentangles Poetry

In 4A we love Kathryn Apel!

Kathryn’s website is a fantastic place to visit as well.  She has so many creative ideas and her different ways for making poetry are really cool. Yesterday we experimented with Blackout poetry (post on that coming soon) and today we are hopefully going to try Zentangles Poetry.

Click on the link below to visit Kathryn’s website and to find out what Zentangles poetry is:



Exploring Poetry

Poetry 4 Kids

Australian Children’s Poetry

Ipswich Poetry Feast

We have been experimenting with poetry this term. We have been writing our own poetry and looking at the poetry of Kathryn Apel in her verse novel, Bully On The Bus.

Click on the links above to read more poetry from different sources.

Now that we have been reading and writing poetry for a couple of weeks, what do you think makes a good poem or poet?

Spine Poems

Today in 4 A  we ventured to the Library for our usual Tuesday lesson. Whilst we were there we talked about poetry and in particular, spine poetry. Spine poetry is a fun, quirky way of using book spines as the lines of your poem.

This is my poem:


The night we made the flag

Nigel the terrible

a bundle of nerves

Super Finn


ride a wild pony

Below are some more poems from 4A:





Friday’s Fog

The branch reaches out to the thick fog.

The branch reaches out to the thick fog.

The fog enveloped our school, refusing to let the sun peek in and see us.

The fog enveloped our school, refusing to let the sun peek in to see us.

The fog floated over the fields.

The fog floated over the fields.

We woke up to a world of fog this morning.

In 4A we are trying to use as much description in our writing as we can. We began the day by thinking about imagery and then we ventured out into the fog!


Reading Aloud

Ready, set, read!

Being a teacher, I am used to reading aloud. I even enjoy it!

At the moment I am reading Mysteries of Ravenstorm Island – The Ship of Ghosts by Gillian Philip.

Click on the link above to read a review of this book.

Watch the recording below to listen to me reading the first page of this book.


4A students,

You are going to create a post just like mine. I would like you to use my post as your success criteria.

Think about what I have included in my post and which app I have used to make my recording.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your post and listening to part of your book.

from Mrs Miller

Friday Fun in the Kitchen Garden

On Friday we had fun frolicking amongst the foliage.

(What do you think of that for a sizzling start?)

Well, we weren’t exactly frolicking, we were working very hard!

Our before and after photos show just how much digging, watering, weeding and tidying we did during our Kitchen Garden lesson.

We would like to thank Sarah and Deb, our fantastic parent helpers, who weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty either!

Which gardening team were you a part of?

What did you do in the garden last week?

In your comment, why not include a link to your blog so we can see your garden photos too?